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MarloGlobal Day of Service 2
Posted by Marlo Morales on 9/14/2011 12:46:17 PM


What is Global Day of Service (GDS)?

     The KFC Global Day of Service (GDS) is a one day event where CFC Kids for Christ members, together with their families and friends, are able to put their faith into action and make a positive impact to the world. The GDS started last year, September 4, 2010 wherein 10,000 kids in the Philippines and all over the world participated in doing acts of service for the environment, e.g. tree planting, clean-up and waste segregation; and acts of service to others, e.g. feeding the street kids, visiting the elderly, assisting in Medical Mission.The message of the GDS is that "Kids Can!" - Kids can lead! Kids can serve! Kids can make a difference! This is derived from the verse of Philippians 4:13, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." It is a response to the challenge of becoming "WORLD CHANGERS."


     Many kids today just imitate what they see in TV shows, movies, magazines, internet, and computer games not knowing whether it`s good or bad. But in Kids for Christ, we believe that as young as we are, Jesus is calling us to follow Him and lead others to Him.

Kids can lead:

1) Lead others to God
   -leading prayers in school, at home, and during KFC activities.
2) Lead by Example
   -saying kind words, answering our exam honestly, and helping the poor.

     For us, Kids for Christ, to lead is also to love. We lead others to God because we love God above all things. We are the leaders of the future who follow the footsteps of Christ. We are "Leaders for others." Let us thank Jesus for the strength that He gives us so we can do all things in Him. (Phil. 4:13)

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5 days to go! GDS 2 na!!!!
Posted 9/19/2011 1:37:38 AM

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