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RP14th IKV Parents` Summit: Parents are called to raise Christ-like kids
Posted by RP Tesoro on 5/12/2011 7:28:02 AM

The first ever Parent’s Summit held talked about the unique calling of parents to raise their Christ-like children. 

Tito Melo Villaroman, who spoke at the summit said that it’s such a blessing when God creates venue, like the IKV, for children and parents to be formed as Christ-like leaders and it happens at the same time.

In his talk, he explained the importance of Christian Parenting and reminded parents that:  God has called and chosen parents for His purpose.

Parents and families can be successful only through the grace and love of God.

Children are growing up in an environment where the primary role and authority of parents are beings overrun, challenged or eroded by institutions, many unfriendly to family values. 
He added that as parents they are the primary educators of their children and that their duty is essential, original, irreplaceable and inalienable. 
Tito Melo explained further with the following beautiful points:

As parents, they are the priest/preacher to their children. They are their first catechist and “household head”.

The family, with Joseph and Mary as parents of Jesus’ became his first school of love, first example of hard work, first garden of faith, first roots of charity, and first sense of church.

Parents should do things together with children and teach them the importance of hard work and always remember that the greatest gift in the family is time and not money. 
As he wrapped up the topic, he said that all of us can learn a lot from our parents and they can tell us stories of what they’ve learned from their own parents. With that he challenged the parents with this question, “What are the stories can your children tell their children and grandchildren which can change the world?” 

(Article by Beth Comahig, 14th IKV Documentation)

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Grabehhhhh......I was re echo the Parents Summit last May 21 at CFC-Center to my co-kfc coordinators..."para daw nakasama din sila sa 14thIKV.."....minsan we miss our role being a parents as a primary catechist,teacher,household head due for left and right CLP or doing building the church of the poor.We need also to revisit the one pillar is to build the church of of the MELO..thanks for reminding us...GOD BLESS, also to your Family...more power
Posted 5/25/2011 8:06:53 PM

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