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RP14th IKV Sunday Mass: When we`re sad, Jesus is with us
Posted by RP Tesoro on 5/8/2011 9:27:04 PM

Being a story-teller to the kids, Fr. Xav talked about the story of Emmaus, the Gospel of today and how the two disciples were very sad with the death of their friend Jesus. They also did not know what to do. But Jesus walked with them to Emmaus. Suddenly, they recognized Jesus and they rejoiced.
Fr. Xav told the kids that sometimes, we are like the disciples. He explained, "Even through fear, through the difficulty, we can find Jesus. We are able to experience Jesus."
He went on to tell the story of a very young Pope John Paul II or Lolek as he was called then, who loses his mother early. In his sadness, he goes to church and talks to Mama Mary telling her, "You know Mother Mary, I don`t have a mother anymore. Can you be my mother?" Fr. Xav showed how this sad event in his life led the future Pope to love Mama Mary as his own mother. His Marian devotion can be seen in his coat of arms that bears the letter "M" to signify Mary.
Fr. Xav also tells the story of a 9-year old third grader who survived the earthquake and tsunami in Fukushima, Japan. A man sees him and takes pity on the kid who lost his family and who was obviously cold and hungry. He gives the child food but to his surprise, the kid puts it back on the table for food distribution. The child explains, "I do not want to eat all on my own. There are many other hungry people in this room. I want to share it with others." Fr. Xav says, "In this sadness, one sees beautiful things," especially in the beauty and generosity of the child`s heart. 
In closing, Fr. Xav Jesus reminded us that we have to follow Jesus` lead. He said, "With Jesus, we take the lead. We are strong in the Lord because He has shown us how to be happy, how to be good and how to make others happy." Fr. Xav then encourages the kids to think about how they can make others happy -- their parents, their friends, people around them.

(Article by Nirva Delacruz, 14th IKV Documentation)

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