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RP14th IKV Lead Praise: Every presentation, a high light
Posted by RP Tesoro on 5/6/2011 8:54:21 AM

Every entry seemed like a highlight in itself with presentations from the different regions bursting with color and energy. The Lead Praise entries are dance presentations inspired by the IKV theme, with the regions bringing the flavor and culture of their areas to the dances.
Here are some high lights on the different Lead Praise entries:   

Metro Manila - West sector
A chubby, chinky-eyed kid performer stole the show for being the smallest yet dancing with so much gusto. 

Central Visayas
Their Lead parade presentation dramatized how violence destroys. Suddenly, there was peace and celebration with the arrival of the Senhor Sto. Nino, 

South Eastern Mindanao 
This presentation showed the power of the Cross with dancers moving in a blaze of red and gold. They made onlookers get a bit nervous when two dancers were carried aloft, balanced on two poles, even more so when stunts were made with the pole during the dance. 

Western Mindanao 
They danced to a Spanish song, with flowers as their main motif. 

South Metro Manila 
They danced with baskets and banners to honor the Sto. Nino, The servant leaders of South - Metro Manila had native fans as accents. 

Western Visayas 
Inspired by the sea and water, KFCs became dancing crabs for their presentation. It was underwater experience of praise.    

Central Luzon 
Central Luzon chose to dance to seemingly African congo beat that talked about freedom. It was awesome sight when they all started waving their multi-colored flags at the same time.

East Metro Manila 
East kids were moving to a techno beat with gold-like salakots. They also waved banners for diligence, generosity, honesty, respect.

Bicol region 
Our Lady was honored in this presentation. It also focused on God`s abundance represented by the fruits accents.

North Western Luzon 
Small kids were dancing Igorots for this number, to the sound of gongs.   

South Central Mindanao 
The performers used their region`s well-known malongs to express a culture of Christ.  

Southern Tagalog
Flower hats were the main attraction in their presentation.  

Central Metro Manila 
Their presentation was a Michael Jackson, "Jesus Christ Superstar" medley of dancing soldier-standard bearers complete with shields bearing the KFC logo.
It is undeniable they are all winners. The kids truly gave all their energy and talent tonight!

(Article by Nirva Delacruz, 14th IKV Documentation)

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