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Posted by KFC Administrator on 11/25/2008 10:05:32 PM


The 10th to the 12th of October 2008 was AKV – Awesome Kids Village!

If we could just bottle the kids’ energies, we don’t need vitamins!

As you all know it was our first time as KFC coordinator - and also our first kids camp.  Oliver and I did not know what to expect, but I can’t deny that we went through an amazing experience. Surely the Lord poured his Holy Spirit by the buckets - Judging by the kids’ boundless energies. I can barely keep up.

It also made me realise that I need to keep fit, if we are to continue with this work. There was one time when Zandro was teaching the songs and dance movements to the kids, at the end of it I was out of breath - definitely can’t dance and sing at the same time!


The YFC service team led by Kuya Zee and Ate Mez certainly gave their all. It was truly inspiring to watch them lead, and gather their assigned kids like shepherds take care of their flocks. They are young yet; God blessed them with great pastoral gifts. You guys truly are “AWESOME-WOWSOME” you made us so proud to be a part of your team.

When we got home my little boy was still singing “Jesus You’re my Superhero” in the shower; followed by “Awesome God” (including the hushed tone and the extremely loud version). The next day they even took their AKV materials to school for show and tell.


It was an uplifting experience for everyone.  My kids couldn’t stop talking about their favourite part of the camp. For me, at first I could not pick and choose for every session had its own highlight. But upon reflection, what really touched me was a conversation with one of the YFCs - Ate Candice. She expressed that her service was her way of giving back to KFC, because she was a part of it when she was younger. For me it was a big thing. In a society where a lot of young people are mostly thinking of themselves; or who would text 500 total strangers to party and thrash his own house - to encounter youth like Candice who would like to serve, give back, do well and take care of kids they are not even related to (without expecting anything in return), certainly says a lot about their character and the measurement of their hearts. Young adults – loving, caring, and full of enthusiasm (God within).

I’d like to salute the veteran coordinators and those who have moved on to another service, for answering God’s call without any reservations. If this is what KFC can help do for our kids, well then, we are extremely honoured to be a part of this ministry.

May God continually give us strength to move forward in His name!

Thank You ALL  and God Bless. 

Ronnie & Oliver Molina
KFC Campbelltown (Sydney B)


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