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Global Day of Service 6 on Sept 26, 2015
Posted by KFC Administrator on 9/23/2015 2:43:35 AM

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We praise the Lord for continuously blessing the KFC Ministry for the past 5 GDS. This year, as we aim to make an impact to the society, we want to share to the world how God is using and molding the family in being "World Changers" in their communities. And for us to evangelize more, we are encouraging and inviting everyone to join us in this campaign by being social media correspondents for the Global day of Service. Let us make use of the power of the Social Media. Please post and share pictures of your GDS activities showcasing families reaching out Christ love to others on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The following are some guidelines for us to become effective GDS Correspondent: 1. Assign a person that will update your Area’s Social Media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). 2. Post relevant images, photos that show action. Kindly refrain from posting selfies or groupies. 3. Use only two hashtags so that it can be easily searched and seen: #GDS6 and #globaldayofservice .Refrain from using any other hashtags. 4. Do not forget to indicate the Area, KFC Chapter, GDS Activity and Venue. 5. Remember to always check your grammar.

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