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LKV Service team reco: `Imagine the impact of what you will do`
Posted by Documentation KFC on 5/30/2013 10:29:22 PM

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LINGAYEN, May 31, 2013 - Counting down to a few hours before the Luzon Kids` Village (LKV) some 100 service team members were reminded last night, this weekend is just part of a bigger `yes` that will change the face of humanity. By way of the family CFC - Kids for Christ (KFC) International Coordinator Nic Escalona told the story of how a KFC who joined the International Kids` Village in Australia went home and excitedly told her parents about how important it is to pray and to love Jesus. According to Nic, the parents who are not yet part of the community looked forward to joining CFC because of their child. "The future of humanity will pass through a family. Kasama `yun sa pag yes natin (That`s part of our yes)—that eventually you will be called to build your own family, unless you are called to religious life," explained while giving the recollection to the LKV service team who will serve 2,500 kids this weekend. Escalona said Blessed John Paul II`s Familiaris Consortio where he says, "The future of the family passes by the way of the family" makes reference to how important ministry work like KFC is. The cool things of death Kuya Nic described how the evil one is slowly eating up the family by first attacking young people through "cool things" that eventually lead to death and sin. "Madaming nag-susuicide ngayon sa Manila, hindi lang linalabas dahil maraming kumukopya (There are a lot of people committing suicide nowadays in Manila, it`s just not being reported because so many others are following the example)," he explained further. More and more, the work of the community is becoming urgent and relevant because "the enemy is taking away reason, hope, purpose for living" He compared young people to a frog who first enjoys the cool water in a pot, only to be slowly simmered and boiled to death without its knowledge. The cool water is just like the "cool" things that most young people seem to be doing, so common, yet so deadly, according to Nic who spoke to a group composed of mostly KFC ates and kuyas (big sisters and big brothers), CFC counterparts from Pangasinan and CFC full time workers. The LKV will be starting today at 5 p.m. with a mass at the Narciso Ramos Civic and Sports Center, Lingayen, Pangasinan. [Nirva`ana Ella Delacruz]

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