Move by God, for God, and with God!
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Day 1

About 5,000 Kids for Christ parents, coordinators, CFC leaders trooped to Ateneo de Davao Grade School Sports Complex in Matina, Davao City for the 15th IKV with the theme, “MOVE, by God, for God, with God. Kids proclaiming the greatness of the Lord.” The activities and festivities were started with an opening Kids Praise and a short welcome presentation for all of the participants in order to jumpstart the 3-day event. The morning sessions were dedicated for the kids to develop their talents: sports clinics by the Ateneo de Davao Varsity teams and an acting clinic entitled “Kids on Stage” were attended and truly enjoyed by the kids.

The young KFCs that were fond of the game of basketball were treated to a basketball clinic held at the Ateneo Sports Complex. The kids displayed their amazing skills in dribbling, pivot drills, and shooting drills that were prepared by the coaches of the Ateneo de Davao University Blue Knights Juniors team, coach Miggy Solitaria and coach Butch Ramirez. Another clinic held simultaneous with the basketball clinic was the workshop for volleyball in cooperation with the Ateneo de Davao University Athletic Varsity Department. An ample number of delegates joined the said workshop coming from different areas. With the aid of the facilitating team, drills were also taught to the delegates such as performing some foot works on how to move inside a volleyball court. They were also taught on how to do proper positioning when in serving and receiving the ball. The young soccer enthusiasts were not left out in our sports clinics here in IKV Davao as the Ateneo de Davao Soccer team coaches taught the soccer clinic. Under the scorching heat of the sun, the kids ran thru the different courses that were set up to teach them on soccer dribbling, proper football posture and a little cardiovascular workout for our healthy KFCs.

At the entire duration of the workshop, it is evident that smiles and enjoyment are visible in the eyes of the delegates while they were being taught by the facilitators. Young as they are, they can already maximize their time by participating in this kind of sport. They do not only move physically, but with their perseverance, they are also moved by their hearts that this could be the talent that the Lord has given them. As with the quote goes, “Champions aren`t made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them - a desire, a dream, and a vision.” And I firmly believe that each child, especially the Kids for Christ, possesses these values that set them apart from any other normal child. Without a doubt, it was a memorable sports clinic blessed with the tutelage of our talented Atenean coaches who were kind enough to help the kids understand their skills better and develop their God given talents.

Aspiring actors and actresses among the kids in the IKV were treated to special acting workshop called, “Kids on Stage”. The workshop is done to improve the artistic talents of children through acting as well as build up confidence and character. The host campus, Ateneo de Davao, promotes the ideal of Majis Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam – Excellence for the Greater Glory of God. The Kids for Christ in Kids on Stage demonstrated what that ideal truly means. Guiding them was Mrs. Rose Bataller, a teacher among the well-known Ateneo de Davao P.E. faculty. It was held at the High School Grounds of Ateneo de Davao University, Matina Campus. This workshop had 2 sessions: one in the morning and another in the afternoon. Each session were filled with acting exercises such as acting like a baby and acting a specific scenario which was done in groups. Needless to say, the “Kids on Stage” workshop was a very fun and helpful activity for the kids. It was evident in their smiles that it only occurred for few hours but the friends and all that they learned in the activity would be treasured for a lifetime.

In the afternoon, the mass was celebrated by Msgr. Fernando Capalla (who is retiring soon and will be replaced by Msgr. Valles) and Bishop George Rimando, Auxilliary Bishop are Parish Priest of St. Paul Parish. They expressed their happiness with such a large gathering of young people. A rousing welcome number by the Madayaw Dance Troupe made everyone so excited. Davao Councilor Abella who read in behalf of Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte gave the welcoming address.

In the evening, the much awaited Praise Parade. Thirteen groups from all over the country gave their best to glorify God with all their moves, colourful props and stunts. The crowd shrieked with suspense from the extraordinary moves displayed. Judges for the evening were Tita Nora Mauhay, HOLD creative director, Tita Rose Bataller, CFC wife, Faculty member of Ateneo and SFC leader, Michael Areola. With so many talented kids, it was a difficult judging call. The young ones chose modern dancing and a little bit of theatrics to convey their praise. Many of these modern dance numbers also campaign for the environment. Another interesting type of performance also centers on cultural pride and the promotion of their own regional heritage. There are performers those whose creativity is extended to how they use a wide array of music genre, either classical, upbeat contemporary, or even unique background scores taken from famous movies. In the end, the Southern Mindanao, Davao City, Team won the tightly contested competition by vying for a score of 96.4% out of the possible 100% and was declared the winner.

The first session, entitled “We Have a Great God”. The message of the session was about how the kids could share God’s greatness to other people by sharing God’s works and by reading his words. The day ended with rousing Kids Praise, thanking God for bringing everyone to the IKV. 


“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me “(Philippians 4:13). The kids were again treated to a number of workshops that were prepared in order to target the various interests of the kids. The workshops were divided into various segments. One of the workshops entitled, “Captured Jesus” Workshop, was spearheaded by a speaker from Metro Manila in the presence of Mr. Lance Katigbak, and the workshop was prepared in order to teach the kids on the basics of photography. Participated by 58 delegates during the morning session, the workshop taught the kids on how to use the camera by identifying its functions and settings in taking pictures. An activity was made by the group wherein the delegates were grouped according to the brand of their cameras. After which, the delegates were taught on the basics and parts of a camera. The speaker introduced them on the different options in taking pictures. Also, the speaker demonstrated the proper positions when taking pictures.

Another workshop was the video-editing workshop which was titled, “Reel Me.” The workshop were participated by more than forty Kids for Christ coming from the different areas all over the world during the morning and afternoon sessions. In this workshop, the kids were taught on how to shoot videos which was led by Nikka Katigbak. The kids were taught not only to shoot videos but also, they were taught on how to edit the raw video with the creative help of Cyber link’s Power Director. Shooting a video that is in line with the International Kids Village theme, “MOVE”, the kids were able to conceptualize a video shoot wherein they are bear-witnesses on how God moved their lives.

“The young generation are the future of our nation”, this is the quote that would best describe the Leadership workshop in the IKV. Entitled “Kids Lead”, the workshop who wanted to learn more about being a leader and what it takes to become a very effective leader and God’s follower at the same time. With God being the best leader, it should be him that would be emulated and the kids were treated to a fun and awesome time in their workshops. At the end of the workshop, they were made to understand the values of true leader and God-fearing leader.

The last workshop conducted for the kids was the “Kids Speak” workshop. This was for the “Kids Proclaiming the greatness of the Lord” and indeed it was a fun workshop filled with awesome kids with so much confidence. The kids were able to share their skills to their friends who were also oratorically blessed with the skills in public speaking.

Truly the kids enjoyed the workshops in which they learned that their God given talents must not be kept to themselves but rather be shared to other kids as well. The kids were given the chance to express on how God works in their life thru the various workshops and it was evident in their faces that they had a great time during the workshops. Young as they are, they are already moved to emulate Jesus in sharing their blessings thru their different God-given gifts and talents.

On the second night of the International Kids’ Village, May 5, 2012, despite all the energy poured upon the evening Praise Fest, the Lord God still strengthens everyone to keep the night going and full of life. What comes after Praise Fest energizes everyone with the short play that was done in order to empower more kids and more families to take on the mission to MOVE; just like what the World Changers did with their respective communities.

In the play, it staged that despite the great things happening in the different CFC-KFC Communities all over the world, there is still work to be done by these World Changers as there are still areas that need help because of evil forces, causing the spread of negativism, selfishness, disobedience, envy and greed.

One situation pointed out as a work of the evil force was the typhoon Sendong, which took place in Mindanao. It plagued people’s hearts with darkness, left people homeless and for others, lost loved ones. Thus, prompting these young World Changers to get people to MOVE BY GOD, FOR GOD AND WITH GOD for with God, nothing is impossible and because through the intercession of Mama Mary they’ll eventually be victorious.

In the end, they were left with this challenge: To become true World Changers for God in their respective mission areas, together with their families, proclaiming His Greatness to the World, and setting it on fire with His transforming Love.

To cap off the wonderful 2nd day of the International Kids Village, the lively performance of the young talented performers were shown in the“Champion’s Night”.

Jesus Christ once said to his disciples, “Let the little children come to me, and hinder them not, for the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these.” (Matthew 19:14) Nothing hindered them on the night of May the 4th 2012 as the Kids for Christ of various regions of the country gave it their all in the name of our great God. Each group demonstrated their fervour through their unique dance presentations. Young as they are, they’ve shown excellence that bespoke of the children`s favoured position in God`s own kingdom.

The first presenter, hailing from Southern Mindanao, simply dazzled the audience with their grooves. Then Lanao del Norte’s young rappers put the beat on with their smart rhymes. Agusan del Norte’s kids perform a duet with songs of love. Following them is Cebu’s show choir, showcasing their creativity. The Mother and Daughter Showdown winners, Tita Marites and Marthea Vergara from Surigao del Norte, danced to the beat and Tita Marites showed that she is “The Mom”, their concept a namesake of their group. The cute mother and daughter tandem performed and showcased their originality in musical acting. A family sang in a duet, courtesy of performers from Misamis Oriental and lastly, Cebu’s Rockin’ Movin’ group were rockin’ and movin’ with their eclectic show of a modern song and rap.

Day 3

The Lord reminded them of His greatness during the first session where they can experience this through their family, friends, and the Kids for Christ community by simply accepting God’s presence in their lives especially when one follows His commands. Just like what Mama Mary did long time ago, with her humble obedience, she said Yes to the Lord for the people to be saved. On the second session, they were advised to bring their families so that they will become a stronger force for good. And in that, they rely on Jesus to move – by God, for God and with God.

The last day of the IKV had the third and final session in which the kids were reminded by God about the Lord’s messages for the past years and they should now be ready to move for God.  First was to dream big for the Lord has prepared better plans for them in the future. Second, the Kid’s adventure that they are reminded that they are on a journey with the Lord. Third, every child that belongs to Kids for Christ is a world changer. They are taught to make a change in the world. Lastly, with Jesus Christ by their side, they’ll surpass the challenges that they might encounter along the way because they will stand and take the lead. And for this year’s International Kids Village theme, ‘MOVE”, they can let Jesus move their lives. They can proclaim His greatness by being generous, obedient and diligent. They can be generous in ways like helping the one in need, spending quality time with their families instead of consuming their time on pointless things. Being generous also entails that we must share our God-given talents to others. And by sharing good words shows that they appreciate every little thing that the Lord has given them. The kids showed that they were appreciative to God about all of his countless blessings as they moved one last time with a passionate Kids Praise to hand the finale in what was a wonderful IKV 2012 in Davao City. The kids, Ate’s and Kuya’s of the Youth for Christ and Singles for Christ and as well as their parents from the Couples for Christ were absolutely having the time of their lives as they all were united in praising Christ. Truly, it was an absolutely great activity and what made it greater is the wonderful and warm welcome of the host city, Davao City, and as well as the host school, the Ateneo de Davao University, that were generous enough to let us use their facilities for the whole activity.

                It was truly another great experience for all the kids, kids by heart, and their youthful CFC parents as they came to experience how truly amazing God is in this International Kids Village. It was amazing to see all those kids who showed everyone that as young as they are, they know are “Kids who are ready to praise our Almighty God and become the future generation who will be the champions of our faith”.

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