The Power of Vision: CFC Kids for Christ and the future by Kirby Llaban
Posted by Chaz Adviento on 6/2/2008 8:02:04 AM

Kids dancing and jumping with endless energy to the song, “Jesus You’re My
Young minds concentrating and giving all the artistry that they’ve got on a coloring book
with an outline of Jesus’ picture on it.
Eager kids awaiting for the next game that will teach them more about the Lord.
Little hands in motion helping to paint a Gawad Kalinga House.
The sincerity of a kid praying on his knees at the bedside thanking the Lord of the day’s
A child hugging his parents and saying, “I love you mom and dad.”

These are scenes that you would see in the life of a KFC member.  What may only seem fun and casual to the kids are actually seeds that will bloom into the future we all hope for.  What is the future that we hope to see?  Let me share to you the vision of CFC Kids for Christ:

“A global ministry of faithful, loving, and enthusiastic children of God,
guided by the Holy Spirit in preparing Christ-like leaders
and instruments of hope and healing to families that bless the world.”

We gathered KFC coordinators from Metro Manila for a visioning workshop.  Most of these coordinators have been faithfully serving in KFC for over a decade, and they all poured out their hopes and dreams of what KFC may become.  As we processed the results of the workshop, the KFC council worked hard to express into a statement what the KFCs vision is, fully aligned to the CFC vision of “Families in the Holy Spirit Renewing the Face of the Earth.” 

It has become clear, we are to be in all countries of the world, a global ministry.  What kind of kids are we molding? A KFC is a faithful kid, having a close relationship with Jesus through daily prayers.  A KFC is a loving kid.  They are children who love God, family, country, and neighbor.  Lastly, they are enthusiastic kids who find that being Christian is cool, fun, and exciting!  KFCs are prepared to be Christ-like leaders. We are molding the leaders of the future who follow Christ as their model.  They will put an end to corruption and all the structures of evil that we see in our society today.  The best and only way to effectively change the world is to evangelize the basic unit of society, the family.  If kids will start their journey with the Lord at a very young age, they will be instruments of hope and healing to families, stopping the vicious cycle of sin that are passed on from generation to generation.  KFC does not only evangelize the kid, but we also fully involve the parents in the journey of their children in knowing the Lord.  We are envisioning the whole family to be evangelizers, making them a blessing to the world, renewing the face of the earth.

We want to make this vision a reality.  We should see that every KFC activity is a step closer to what the Lord has called us to become.  Responding to the KFC vision are our “KFC Mission Goals.”  These are:

   Kids Evangelization,
   Family Enrichment,
   Renewal of Society, and
   Mission Support.

Kids Evangelization includes our Kids Camps, Kids Praise, and our monthly KFC sessions.  Family Enrichment activities are the Father and Son Bond Camp, Mother and Daughter Camp, Family Ties Camp, and the Parents Assembly.  For the Renewal of Society, we have the Gawad Kalinga Batang Bayani movement  and the KFC advocacies namely, Batang Kalikasan (renewing the environment), Batang Business (promoting stewardship), Batang Media (responsible use of media and technology), Batang Malakas (health advocacy for strong mind and body).  The goal of Mission Support is achieved through the Couple Coordinators trainings, Beyond Borders missions, Facilitators Training (ate/kuya *R.O.C.K. program), Kids with Special needs training, and the all the events that we have.

We foresee that our mission goals will be brought into the different sectors of society.  We hope to bring KFC into all the schools (school based), baranggays and parishes (community based), and Gawad Kalinga sites (GK sagip).  We also bring our goals to the children of the Mission Core, the KFC Mission Core Kids program.  We also deliver our mission goals to those who are differently-abled and mentally challenged kids.  We train our coordinators and facilitators to handle “special children” through the “Kids with Special Needs Training program” and hope to blend them effectively with the other regular kids during the KFC activities.

Let us not only dream of the future, let’s build it.  We complain much about the world we live in today, but we do not realize that we have not acted early enough to change it.  Today, we are alarmed of global warming, breakdown of morality, materialism, and rampant corruption to mention just a few.   It will be disastrous if later we realize that we are one generation too late. I believe that CFC Kids for Christ will play a vital role in the coming decades.  We will produce Christ-like leaders and instruments of hope and healing to families.  KFC will bring forth a future full of hope.  I challenge everyone to invest time and service for our kids.  We are exhorted in the gospel reading:

 “Then He took a child and had him stand if front of them.  He put his arms around him and said to them, “Whoever welcomes in my name one of these children, welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me, welcomes not only me but the also the one who sent me.” Mark 9:36-37

The Lord gives us the power of vision.  We are granted the power to see what this ministry can become.  The direction is set, the future is clear.  Let us adjust our sails towards our vision and let the wind of Holy Spirit bring us there!


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