Kids Stand and Take the Lead
Responding to the call of serving the Lord through CFC Kids for Christ seems to be easy. All you have to do is run after the children and watch them play.
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17th KFC IKV: "I am a beloved child of God"
All roads led to the Dasmariñas National High School for the 17th International Kids Village of the CFC Kids for Christ. The IKV, which is happening beginning today, until Sunday, May 4th, has more than 4,000 delegates from Metro Manila, Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.
Posted 5/1/2014 9:35:39 PM (3 comments)
kfcZINE: Kids for Christ Luzon Kid`s Village - Day 3
Day 3 of the Luzon Kids Village 2013 was just as energized as Days 1 & 2. You don`t believe us? Check this out.
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‘The family that twists together stays together’: The LKV 2013 Family Dance Competition
It was the Barba family’s first time to compete as a dancing family, but their first time was charm time.
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kfcZine: Kids for Christ Luzon Kid`s Village - Day 2
Excited to know what happened on Day 2 of the Luzon Kids` Village 2013? Get a load of this!
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Where else will you see kids praying for their parents? `Most touching LKV moment`
In what is arguably the most touching moment of the LKV so far, yesterday morning`s mass celebrant asked KFCs and parents to pray over each other in an unscripted move of the Holy Spirit.
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kfcZINE: Kids for Christ Luzon Kid`s Village - Day 1
Read all about the highlights of the Luzon Kids Village 2013!
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LKV Service team reco: `Imagine the impact of what you will do`
"The future of humanity will pass through a family. Kasama `yun sa pag yes natin (That`s part of our yes)—that eventually you will be called to build your own family, unless you are called to religious life," explained while giving the recollection to the LKV service team who will serve 2,500 kids this weekend.
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