As the South A CFC Kids for Christ launched the KIDS CAN: Build My House campaign, some reacted that it is still the CFC or their parents who will raise the P30 donation per kid. In giving the KIDS CAN: Build My House coin bank made out of peanut butter cups to fill, there were doubts on its success. In silence, God revealed his message, “I am your God, so let me be your God to take care of this for all of you.” In response, couple coordinators of the South A CFC Kids for Christ supported the KIDS CAN: Build My House and handed the coin banks.
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Kids Lead in KFC Global Day of Service 2
LAST September 24, 2011, an estimated 34,000 people, 23,000 of them children, in the Philippines and all over the world joined the Kids For Christ - Global Day of Service Part 2 (GDS 2). On this day, the kids with their parents, families, friends, fellow students, teachers, ROCK facilitators and Couple Coordinators came together in their respective areas to do acts of service and love in various schools, barangays, home for the aged and orphanages.
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Global Day of Service 2 in the Seychelles
After the kids on main Island Mahe and 2nd largest island Praslin were informed of this activity by their facilitators, with eagerness, all were ready to participate in this activity. Over 100 people participated in this event, which include KFC, non-KFC members, parents, facilitators, and soldiers.
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GDS2 of Albay
The KFC Albay province once again witnessed God’s unfading love through Global Day of Service. The event was in coordination with the Barangay council of Hindi, Bacacay, the Hindi Elementary School, the NSTP students of SL Technological College, and the PNP of RPSMB.
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`Teaching kids how to pray develops leadership`
According to Escalona, when kids grow up they take to heart this sense of accountability as leaders—something which is easy to forget because of common temptations of power and self-interest.
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